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Previous studies with 95 bread wheat doubled haploid lines (DHLs) from the cross Chinese Spring (CS)xSQ1 trialled over 24 yearxtreatmentxlocations identified major yield quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in homoeologous locations on 7AL and 7BL, expressed mainly under stressed and non-stressed conditions, respectively. SQ1 and CS contributed alleles increasing(More)
Morphophysiological characteristics of oilseed rape flowers, such as features of the nectaries, nectar production, and observations on honey bee visits and honey and seed yield were studied with the aim to evaluate the melliferous potential of this crop as well as its attractiveness to pollinators. Calculation of the theoretical maximal honey yield revealed(More)
In this study, we compared cultural, morphological, pathogenic and biological features of Serbian isolates of Monilia polystroma and Monilinia fructigena from apple fruit. Isolates of M. polystroma formed characteristic stromatal plates throughout the cultures unlike M. fructigena, while mycelial growth rates were not distinguishable features between(More)
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