Dragana Miladinović

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There is evidence that selenium (Se) is essential for humans, animals, and some species of microorganisms. This study examines the dynamics of the change of Se accumulation in some growing wild plants: Astragalus onobrychis var. Chlorocarpus (Gris.) Stoj. et Stef. (Leguminosae), Oxytropis pilosa (L.) DC., Salvia officinalis, L., and Simphytum ottomanum L.(More)
Broomrape (Orobanche cumana) is one of the most important parasitic plants that can drastically reduce sunflower yield. Breeding for resistance is regarded as the most effective and environmentally friendly control measure. Due to the constant changes in broomrape race composition, i.e. the emergence of races F and higher, the majority of the existing(More)
The plant regeneration from sunflower protoplast was achieved by protocols that considerably differ with respect to basal medium and concentration of growth regulators added. In most cases regeneration was restricted to a small proportion of genotypes. In this experiment, sunflower inbred line Ha-74A, with a high regeneration ability was used for protoplast(More)
Legumes and brassicas have much in common: importance in agricultural history, rich biodiversity, numerous forms of use, high adaptability to diverse farming designs, and various non-food applications. Rare available resources demonstrate intercropping legumes and brassicas as beneficial to both, especially for the latter, profiting from better nitrogen(More)
Downy mildew is a fungal disease of sunflower that can lead to severe yield losses. The damage caused by the pathogen can be controlled by growing resistant sunflower varieties. Gene Pl arg was introgressed into cultivated sunflower from the wild species Helianthus argophyllus and provides resistance against all known downy mildew races. In this study, we(More)
Successful application of somatic hybridization in sunflower breeding is limited by low regeneration percentage from fusion products. The effect of pre-treatment media composition on shoot regeneration from electrofusion products of wild and cultivated sunflower was investigated in this paper, with the aim to determine if there is room for improvement of(More)
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