Dragana Laketic

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In this article a procedure to tune robust Generalized Predictive Controllers (GPC) is presented. To tune the controller parameters a multiobjective optimization problem is formulated so the designer can consider conflicting objectives simultaneously without establishing any prior preference. Moreover model uncertainty, represented by a list of possible(More)
Biological systems have inherent mechanisms which ensure their adaptation and thus survival — preservation of functionality, despite extreme and varying environments. One such environmental feature is that of temperature. Extreme temperature electronics (ETE) is a field where, similarly, these organisms (electronic solutions), have to be designed to survive(More)
Evolution-In-Materio, an unconventional computing paradigm exploiting physical properties of materials for achieving computations, is addressed here as a system which exhibits dynamical hierarchies. A description of computations is provided to show that computations within Evolution-In-Materio systems arise from the dynamics at different hierarchical(More)
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