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The purpose of this study was to verify whether the late components (N 140) of TPEPs were a reliable index of pain intensity. In the group with acute pain, except for higher amplitudes of the second negative wave, the plateau phenomenon has been noted. Analgesic and placebo effects indicated that the method used offers more objective than subjective(More)
AIM The aim of our study was to demonstrate clinical manifestations and diagnostic methods of splenic echinococcosis and suggest surgical approach. METHODS The study involved 20 patients of previously diagnosed spleen echinococcosis. A diagnosis was made for each patient, based on medical history, biochemical and serological tests, physical examination(More)
INTRODUCTION Anal atresia is a congenital anomaly, very life-threatening and urgent. Surgical treatment of this anomaly consists of colostomy first, and then of anal reconstruction. CASE REPORT We presented a 31-year old female with the surgery treatment of anal atresia in the early childhood. In the reproductive period, due to tubal infertily, the(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric adenomyoma is a rare, hamartomatous tumor localized most frequently in the gastric antrum. Review of the available literature shows only sporadic reports or smaller series. CASE REPORTS We presented a 72-year-old woman admitted due to epigastric pain with dyspeptic difficulties. Biochemical parameters and tumor markers were within the(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine possible changes of the tooth pulp evoked potentials in patients with multiple sclerosis, and to compare these with other types of evoked potentials, in the same patients. The results showed TPEP changes in all multiple sclerosis patients. In 12 patients the changes were observed on both sides, while in 6 on one(More)
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