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There have only been a few studies of the chronobiological occurrence of acute aortic dissection (AAD), and most were international and multicentered. The aim of the present study, conducted at only one center, was to determine the most frequent daily, monthly, and seasonal occurrences of AAD. The study population included 204 patients (66.5% male) treated(More)
Intramural haematoma is the precursor or the variant of a classical aortic dissection where hemorrhage occurs within the aortic wall (aortic media) and in absence of initial intimal tear. This entity looks like a classical aortic dissection, but it differs from it by its pathological characteristics. Although the intimal tear is absent, the prognosis of(More)
Despite evidence that essential hypertension (EH) is a state of increased oxidative stress, the data on oxidative protein modifications is lacking. Besides, the role of extracellular antioxidant enzymes in EH has not been systematically studied. Study was performed in 45 subjects with EH and 25 normotensive controls. Patients were divided into three groups(More)
BACKGROUND Although the majority of previous findings unequivocally confirmed the existence of systemic oxidative stress in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients, data on prognostic potential of biomarkers of oxidative lipid and protein damage are limited. We aimed to address the relation of oxidative stress markers to severity and prognosis in CHF secondary(More)
The changes in serum levels of serum amyloid A protein were studied in 67 patients suffering from colorectal carcinoma and compared to three other major acute phase proteins: C-reactive protein, alpha1-antichymotrypsin and alpha1-acid glycoprotein. Although the presence of colorectal carcinoma caused an increase in serum levels of all the acute phase(More)
Parenteral iron has been recommended for the treatment of iron deficiency in the majority of maintenance hemodialyzed (HD) patients. However, iron supplementation and consequent over saturation of transferrin and high iron levels, may aggravate oxidative stress already present in these patients. This study aimed to further clarify the role of repeated(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopy is not yet wide accepted in cancer colorectal surgery. This study investigated whether the extent of anatomical resection in laparoscopic colorectal surgery is equivalent to that in the open colorectal surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined reports on the results of laparoscopic or open colorectal procedures published between(More)
Fifty adults hospitalized with extensive burns formed the basis of the present study. Serum amyloid A protein, C-reactive protein, alpha 1-antichymotrypsin and alpha 1-acid glycoprotein were measured in serum samples taken on admission, and 3 and 7 days later. Fatal outcome was observed in 13 out of 14 (93%) patients with serum amyloid A protein over 100(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to study the relationship between markers of oxidative lipid or protein damage and ventricular remodeling and the validity of 8-epi-prostaglandin F(2alpha) (8-epi-PGF(2alpha)) as an indicator of disease severity in patients with ischemic chronic heart failure (CHF). PATIENTS AND METHODS We enrolled four groups of 12 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the prognostic significance of four inflammatory markers (TNF-α, high sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1)) in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients with respect to individual outcomes, especially disease exacerbation and mortality. METHODS(More)