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In this paper, we present the modern approaches to building secure systems which are based on overcoming the problems resulting from asynchronization between system modeling and development on the one hand and modeling and development of the system security on the other hand. We also present the bases and solutions on which the idea of symbiosis is founded:(More)
In order to avoid unnecessary applications of Miller-Rabin algorithm to the number in question, we resort to trial division by a few initial prime numbers, since such a division take less time. How far we should go with such a division is the that we are trying to answer in this paper?For the theory of the matter is fully resolved. However, that in practice(More)
We believe that there is no real data protection without our own tools. Therefore, our permanent aim is to have more of our own codes. In order to achieve that, it is necessary that a lot of young researchers become interested in cryptography. We believe that the encoding of cryptographic algorithms is an important step in that direction, and it is the main(More)
In this paper we present the experimental results that more clearly than any theory suggest an answer to the question: when in detection of large (probably) prime numbers to apply, a very resource demanding, Miller-Rabin algorithm. Or, to put it another way, when the dividing by first several tens of prime numbers should be replaced by primality testing? As(More)
Eumerus is one of the most diverse genera of hoverfly worldwide. Species delimitation within genus is considered to be difficult due to: (a) lack of an efficient key; (b) non-defined taxonomical status of a large number of species; and (c) blurred nomenclature. Here, we present the first molecular study to delimit species of the genus by using a fragment of(More)
Results of previous morphometric and genetic analyses of grey wolf (Canis lupus L.) population from Serbia indicated different patterns of population subdivision. In order to explore population structure, level of genetic variability, genetic drift, inbreeding and signals of bottleneck for grey wolves from Serbia, we applied highly polymorphic genetic(More)
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