Dragan Sekulovski

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Combining audiovisual sequences from different cameras requires precise alignment in time. Current synchronization techniques involve using geometrical properties such as camera positions and object features. In this paper, we present a synchronization method based on detecting flashes present in the video content. Such flashes, generated by still cameras,(More)
Human observers have been demonstrated to be sensitive to the local (physical) light field, or more precisely, to the primary direction, intensity, and diffuseness of the light at a point in a space. In the present study we focused on the question of whether it is possible to reconstruct the global visual light field, based on observers' inferences of the(More)
Human observers are sensitive to light properties such as the intensity, direction and diffuseness. We study how well they are able to estimate the light field (the structure of the net flux transport) in rooms, by empirical measurement and comparison of the physical and visual light fields. We made regularized measurements of the physical light field in a(More)