Dragan Nikolić

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Arthroscopic diagnosis was used to determine the incidence of the most frequent injuries to the knee’s internal structures associated with ACL tear as well as ones without ACL tear. The most frequent finding associated with a recent ACL tear was the LM tear (72.7%). There is a statistically significant incidence of recent LM tear in knees with a recent ACL(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute critical lower limb ischemia refers to the state of severely impaired vitality of lower limbs due to acute occlusion of arterial blood vessel by a thrombus or emboli. Surgical revascularization in the first 6-12 hours after the onset of symptoms gives the best results. However, a high mortality rate and probability of limb loss make this(More)
Fifty patients with pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) were examined and treated in the Military Medical Academy in twenty-year period (1977-1996). Among them, 32 were male and 18 female (2:1), of average age from 6 to 72 years. Articular disease localization was 2.5 times more frequent compared to the non-articular. The rate of circumscribed in(More)
We present the results of the surgical treatment of 50 supracondylar missile fractures of the femur in 48 patients wounded in the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the period June 1991-October 1995. The injuries were caused by bullets in 28 (58.3%) patients and by fragments of mines or other explosive devices in 20 (41.7%) patients. In nine (18.0%)(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of antibiotic therapy on the course of postvenereal reactive arthritis have not yet been elucidated. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to observe the clinical course and outcome of synovectomy and 3 months of azithromycin therapy in patients with reactive arthritis and previously diagnosed triggering bacteria. METHODS We(More)
An aneurysm has been defined as a permanent local dilatation of the diameter of an artery by at least 50% of its normal value. A splenic artery aneurysm is most frequently a visceral artery aneurysm and clinically it is usually asymptomatic but potentially life-threatening at the same time, with the incidence of its rupturing being 2-10% and then the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to contribute to the insight of the role of the infectious agent in ethiopathogenesis of the Reiter's syndrome development, which could directly influence the choice of treatment of these patients. METHODS Eighteen patients with urogenital form of the Reiter's syndrome and 16 controls (6 with rheumatoid arthritis and(More)
We present the results of primary surgical treatment of war injuries of major joints in 339 patients, wounded in the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the period June 1991-October 1995. The total number of surgically treated joints was 358. The injuries were inflicted by the fragments of explosive devices in 176 (51.9%) patients and by bullets in 125(More)
In this paper we explore the process of extracting potential bridging fault sites from the physical design database for VLSI devices by using standard extraction tools for fringe and overlap capacitance. We then use the extracted capacitance to create a list of potential bridging fault sites ordered to reflect the relative probability of a bridging fault(More)
We explore a new approach in the rational design of specificity in molecular recognition of small molecules based on statistical-mechanical integral equation theory of molecular liquids in the form of the three-dimensional reference interaction site model with the Kovalenko-Hirata closure (3D-RISM-KH). The numerically stable iterative solution of(More)