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This paper presents novel, explicit design equations for class-E power amplifiers with finite DC-feed inductance. A mathematically exact analysis of the idealized class-E power amplifier with small DC-feed inductance shows that the circuit element values are transcendent functions of the input parameters. Therefore, the designer needs to perform a long(More)
Due to complexity of their mathematical computation, many QRS detectors are implemented in software and cannot operate in real time. The paper presents a real-time hardware based solution for this task. To filter ECG signal and to extract QRS complex it employs the Integer Wavelet Transform. The system includes several components and is incorporated in a(More)
As today the amount of accessible information is overwhelming, the intelligent and personalized filtering of available information is a main challenge. Additionally, there is a growing need for the seamless mobile and multi-modal system usage throughout the whole day to meet the requirements of the modern society ("anytime, anywhere, anyhow"). A personal(More)
In the field of intrusion detection systems, the aspect of anomaly detection is very important, and consequently there are many approaches that address these security issues. The usage of self-organizing map (SOM) makes a foundation for some of these approaches, which consequently often have problems to cope with the requirements of huge nowadays networks.(More)
In order to obtain acceptable quality of filtering services in real time conditions trade-off between result relevance and response time has to be addressed. Ignoring resource availability is a major drawback for many existed systems which try to boost quality by making different synergies between filtering strategies. The essence of the proposed solution(More)
This paper presents a 1.8GHz RF amplifier implemented in 140nm CMOS with frequency-independent blocker suppression. The functionality is obtained by adaptation of a nonlinear current transfer according to the blocker amplitude. In the presence of a 0-11dBm RF blocker a voltage gain of 7.6 to 9.4dB and IIP<sub>3</sub> &gt;;4dBm are measured, while the(More)
Apache HBase is a column-oriented NoSQL key-value store built on top of the Hadoop distributed file-system. Logically, columns in HBase are grouped into column families. Physically, all columns in one column family are stored in the same set of files. Therefore the division of column families is closely related to the response time for a specific row query.(More)