Dragan Marusic

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AIMS To investigate the prevalence of pathological internet use (PIU) and maladaptive internet use (MIU) among adolescents in 11 European countries in relation to demographic, social factors and internet accessibility. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING The 7th Framework European Union (EU) funded project, Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe(More)
OBJECTIVE We explored differences between high and low-impulsive incarcerated individuals in the context of lifetime self-mutilation, suicide ideation and suicide attempt. METHODS A total of 1265 males detained in Italian penitentiary institutions were studied between January 2006 and December 2008. The study raters were specifically trained to(More)
A list is given of all semisymmetric (edgebut not vertex-transitive) connected finite cubic graphs of order up to 768. This list was determined by the authors using Goldschmidt’s classification of finite primitive amalgams of index (3, 3), and a computer algorithm for finding all normal subgroups of up to a given index in a finitely-presented group. The(More)
In this paper we study finite, connected, 4-valent graphs X which admit an action of a group G which is transitive on vertices and edges, but not transitive on the arcs of X. Such a graph X is said to be (G, 1 2)-transitive. The group G induces an orientation of the edges of X, and a certain class of cycles of X (called alternating cycles) determined by the(More)
A circulant is a Cayley graph of a cyclic group Arc transitive circulants of square free order are classi ed It is shown that an arc transitive circulant of square free order n is one of the following the lexicographic product Kb or the deleted lexicographic Kb b where n bm and is an arc transitive circulant or is a normal circulant that is Aut has a normal(More)
A graph X is said to be distance–balanced if for any edge uv of X , the number of vertices closer to u than to v is equal to the number of vertices closer to v than to u. A graph X is said to be strongly distance–balanced if for any edge uv of X and any integer k, the number of vertices at distance k from u and at distance k+1 from v is equal to the number(More)
A graph is said to be cyclic k-edge-connected, if at least k edges must be removed to disconnect it into two components, each containing a cycle. Such a set of k edges is called a cyclic-k-edge cutset and it is called a trivial cyclic-k-edge cutset if at least one of the resulting two components induces a single k-cycle. It is known that fullerenes, that(More)