Dragan Jankovic

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This paper presents a tabular technique for calculation of fixed-polarity polynomial expressions for MV functions. The technique is derived from a generalization of the corresponding methods for Fixed-Polarity Reed-Muller (FPRM) expressions for switching functions. All useful features of tabular techniques for FPRMs, as for example, simplicity of involved(More)
ÐDiscrete Walsh transform is an orthogonal transform often used in spectral methods for different applications in signal processing and logic design. FFT-like algorithms make it possible to efficiently calculate the discrete Walsh spectrum. However, for their exponential complexity, these algorithms are practically unsuitable for large functions. For this(More)
Medical Information Systems (MIS) in general, like any other complex and large system, can be based on centralized or distributed DBMS. Centralized system is much easier for implementation and administration, but the benefits of distributed over centralized system are various. Load balance of the system is evenly, and when it comes to the internet(More)