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Icard et al. introduce a semantics for actions over time, provide an axiomatization for this logic, and use this logic to define coherence conditions for a belief-intention database. First, we show incompleteness of their axiomatization and we adapt their semantics and provide a complete axiomatization for it. Second, we show that Icard et al.'s definition(More)
The AGM theory of belief revision is based on propositional belief sets. In this paper we develop a logic for revision of temporal belief bases, containing expressions about temporal propositions (tomorrow it will rain), possibility (it may rain tomorrow), actions (the robot enters the room) and pre-and post-conditions of these actions. We prove the(More)
Primarily guided with the idea to express zero-time transitions by means of temporal propositional language, we have developed a temporal logic where the time flow is isomorphic to ordinal ω 2 (concatenation of ω copies of ω). If we think of ω 2 as lexicographically ordered ω×ω, then any particular zero-time transition can be represented by states whose(More)