Dragan Denic

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The pseudorandom encoder as a new type of absolute encoder with only one code track is presented in this paper. It is provided using an especial code technique based on pseudorandom binary sequences. A method for parallel reading of pseudorandom code using linear photodetector array is proposed. The presented solution considerably decreases the basic(More)
A new type of absolute encoders, named pseudorandom absolute encoders, was developed to avoid using of large number of code tracks and to achieve high-resolution measurements. Here, a method for parallel reading of pseudorandom code using photodetector array is proposed. Then follows a realization of direct zero position adjustment function as a new trend(More)
An approach to the relative measurement error analysis in the process of the Nakagami-m fading signal moments estimation will be presented in this paper. Relative error expressions will be also derived for the cases when MRC (Maximal Ratio Combining) diversity technique is performed at the receiver. Capitalizing on them, results will be graphically(More)
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