Dragan C Bogdanović

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BACKGROUND Compression therapy is the most widely used treatment for venous leg ulcers and it was used in different forms for more than 400 years. Published healing rates of venous ulcers obtained with compression therapy vary widely from 40-95%. According to numerous studies, it has been suggested that the application of external pressure to the calf(More)
The great cardiac vein is the longest venous vessel of the heart; in the majority of our cases it originated at the lower third of the anterior interventricular sulcus (58%). The great and the middle cardiac veins merge at the apex of the heart, forming together with the coronary sinus into which they both empty, a complete venous ring around the left(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM In studies that investigate the health effects of short-term air pollution exposure, population-wide changes in acute outcomes such as mortality, hospital admissions and healthcare visits are linked to short-term variations in ambient pollutant concentrations. The aim of this study was to estimate the association between daily outdoor black(More)
Contents of lead and arsenic were determined in 617 tobacco samples and 80 samples of cigarettes. The mean content of lead in tobacco was 0.93 microg/g (range 0.02-8.56 microg/g) and arsenic was 0.15 microg/g (range < 0.02-2.04 microg/g). The mean content of lead in cigarettes was 1.26 microg/g (range 0.02-6.72 microg/g) and arsenic was 0.11 microg/g (range(More)
Urothelial bladder cancer (UBC) is a common genitourinary malignancy, accounting for more than 160.000 deaths per year worldwide. Overexpression and aberrant glycosylation of mucins are frequent traits of many human cancers derived from epithelial cells, and are found to have prognostic significance in various carcinomas. The aim of this study was to(More)
OBJECTIVE Mortality has been shown to increase with heat waves. Serbia experienced the hottest heat wave in July 2007. In this study, we examined patterns of non-traumatic excess mortality in Belgrade during this event. METHODS The numbers of deaths observed during the 9-day heat wave were compared to those expected on the basis of mortality rates(More)
BACKGROUND Venous leg ulcers (VLU) have a huge social and economic impact. An estimated 1.5% of European adults will suffer a venous ulcer at some point in their lives. Despite the widespread use of bandaging with high pressure in the treatment of this condition, recurrence rates range between 25% to 70%. Numerous studies have suggested that the compression(More)
AIM CD117 expression has a pathogenic role in many malignancies, including ovarian carcinoma. The aim of the present study was to examine the correlation of stemness-associated marker CD117 with the clinicopathologic features of epithelial ovarian cancer and patient survival. MATERIAL AND METHODS The analysis included 240 primary ovarian carcinomas (OC)(More)
Cadmium is widely abundant in the air, water, soils and foodstuffs. Cadmium exposure and accumulation in the body start at a young age. Accumulation occurs in various tissues and organs, especially in the kidney cortex. This study was initiated to examine the total intake of cadmium among preschool children. The study group consisted of 275 children aged 1(More)
OBJECTIVES Seasonal fluctuations in mortality are associated with age, outdoor temperature, influenza, health care provision, lifestyle risk factors and economic factors. In the Republic of Serbia almost one half of the Roma population lives in poverty and their housing conditions are very poor. The aim of this paper is to describe and compare excess winter(More)