Dragan B. Denic

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This paper proposes a low complex forward adaptive loss compression algorithm that works on the frame by frame basis. Particularly, the algorithm we propose performs frame by frame analysis of the input speech signal, estimates and quantizes the gain within the frames in order to enable the quantization by the forward adaptive piecewise linear optimal(More)
This paper presents realization of a digital embedded system for measuring electrical breakdown time delay. The proposed system consists of three major parts: dc voltage supply, analog subsystem, and a digital subsystem. Any dc power source with the range from 100 to 1000 V can be used in this application. The analog subsystem should provide fast and(More)
In this paper new semilogarithmic quantizer for Laplacian distribution is presented. It is simpler than classic A-law semilogarithmic quantizer since it has unit gain around zero. Also, it gives for 2.97 dB higher signal-to-quantization noise-ratio (SQNR) for referent variance in relation to A-law, and therefore it is more suitable for adaptation. Forward(More)
A very dynamical development of virtual instrumentation in recent years has caused a very good acceptance of this concept and its use in many applications. This concept, as one flexible and cost-effective solution for test and measurement, is used in this paper for implementation and application of maximum length pseudorandom binary sequences generator.(More)
This paper deals with the designing of the forward adaptive μ-law companding quantizer whose levels are coded with the Golomb-Rice code. The designing is performed for measurement signals with the Gaussian distribution and applied for the speech signal. The model satisfies the G. 712 standard and achieves the decreasing of the bit-rate for 1.34 bps (bits(More)
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