Draga Vidakovic

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Many authors have provided evidence for what appears to be common knowledge among mathematics teachers: the limit concept presents major diiculties for most students and they have very little success in understanding this important mathematical idea. We believe that a program of research into how people learn such a topic can point to pedagogical strategies(More)
The goal of this study was to examine students' mathematical ideas that are used or developed when they are engaged in playing games, together with their beliefs about fairness. The study was conducted in a classroom of 16 eighth grade students in an urban school. During the four days of instruction, the students were engaged in a series of investigations(More)
Results of previous morphometric and genetic analyses of grey wolf (Canis lupus L.) population from Serbia indicated different patterns of population subdivision. In order to explore population structure, level of genetic variability, genetic drift, inbreeding and signals of bottleneck for grey wolves from Serbia, we applied highly polymorphic genetic(More)
Rock. Research interests center on learning theories, student understanding of quadratic functions and student understanding of the derivative. research interest centers on the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts in calculus, linear algebra, and geometry. Abstract This paper explores sixty-six students' personal meaning and interpretation of the(More)
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