Dražen Domijan

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A computational model was developed to explain a pattern of results of fMRI activation in the intraparietal sulcus (IPS) supporting visual working memory for multiobject scenes. The model is based on the hypothesis that dendrites of excitatory neurons are major computational elements in the cortical circuit. Dendrites enable formation of a competitive queue(More)
Research on grounded cognition suggests that the processing of a word or concept reactivates the perceptual representations that are associated with the referent object. The objective of this work is to demonstrate how behavioral and functional neuroimaging data on grounded cognition can be understood as different manifestations of the same cortical circuit(More)
A new filling-in model is proposed in order to account for challenging brightness illusions, where inducing background elements are spatially separated from the gray target such as dungeon, cube and grating illusions, bullseye display and ring patterns. This model implements the simple idea that neural response to low-contrast contour is enhanced(More)
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