DrChanchal Mondal

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Subjective and objective burdens of the carers of schizophrenic and bipolar affective disorder patients were assessed. Burden was found to be higher among the carers of schizophrenic, young, male, low income and unemployed patients. This study shows a more comprehensive way of assessing family burden with due emphasis on positive mental health and coping(More)
Coal is most important fossil fuel in the world. Availability of coal is three times greater than that of the crude oil. Ash content of Indian coal is very high ranging from 15% to 55% [1]. High ash Indian coals are unsuitable for efficient use in carbonization, combustion, gasification, liquefaction etc purpose. Demineralisation is process of coal(More)
A study was conducted to ascertain how often GPs encountered patients with psychological crisis and their means of tackling such cases. A questionnaire was administered to 47 GPs attending a training course on drug de-addiction orientation program. It was observed that failure in an examination (22.9%), break up of a love affair (16.8%) and the death of(More)
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