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Experimental Investigation on Usage of Cotton Seed Oil as a Lubricant to Substitute Mineral Oil
Lubricants and lubrication were inherent in a machine ever since man invented machines. The continued increasing environmental concerns force to increase the usage of vegetable oil utilization in
Experimental Investigation of the Suitability of Orange Peel Oil, Neem Oil and Cotton Seed Oil as Alternate Fuel for Diesel Engines: A Review
In 1979 due to sudden increase in prices of the petroleum products by the supplying countries, attention was diverted to find out substitute indigenous vegetable oils as substitute fuel to diesel
Hydrogen Operated SI Engines , its Consequences on Performance , Environment and Safe Use : a Review
From experience since 1970 various researchers and engineers attempting to produce a best suitable and reliable way to replace existing fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel etc. Hydrogen gas has
Cottonseed Oil and Esterifies Cottonseed Oil as Lubricant in IC
Due to growing environmental concerns and the depletion of the world’s crude oil, vegetable oils are finding their way into lubricants for industrial and transportation applications. Emphasis on the
Review of First and Second Generation Bio-fuels – Production & Use as alternate fuels in CI Engines
A sustainable resource of energy contributes in growth of sustainable economic and industrial fields. The ‘first-generation’ bio-fuels appear unsustainable because of the potential stress that their
Simulation Methodology for Facility Layout Problems
----------------------------------------------------Abstract---------------------------------------------------------AbstractIn this paper an attempt is made to present a state-of theart review of
Study of the use of Blends of Orange Peel Oil and Cotton Seed Oil as Alternate Fuel for CI Engines
As a renewable, sustainable and alternative fuel for compression ignition engines, biodiesel instead of diesel has been increasingly leads to study its effects on engine performances and exhaust
Design Development Testing and analysis of resonator baffle and rubber bladder type hydraulic silencer and study effect of variation in charging pressure on noise and vibration reduction ability
ARTICLE INFO Many industrialized countries have regulations restricting noise levels in the workplace. The high-power density and corresponding high noise emission of hydraulic components cause
A Review on Solar Line Concentrator to Improve Its Performance by Varying Concentration Ratio
Presently, constant diameter receivers are used for line concentrating systems. This gives constant concentrating ratio. The concentrating ratio (CR) is selected depending upon the outlet temperature