Dr. rer. nat. Ursula Bassemir

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Electron microscopic studies on developing follicles of Locusta migratoria show the vitelline membrane to be composed of two ultrastructurally distinguishable components: The vitelline membrane bodies (VMBs) and, in addition, fine granular material, cementing the VMBs together. VMBs form first in the oocyte-near zone within the oocyte-follicle cell space.(More)
Cultures of cell line IZD-MB 0503 from Mamestra brassicae were inoculated with nonoccluded nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Autographa californica (AcNOV). At 1 h postinoculation (p.i.) nucleocapsids were found in the cytoplasm near nuclear pores and within the nucleoplasm. Formation of virogenic stroma was observed at 7 h p.i. The first short empty capsids(More)
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