Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Christof Holberg

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In order to obtain an overlay-free assessment of dental structures for resorption and ankylosis diagnostics, conebeam computed tomography (CBCT) is being employed more and more often in orthodontics alongside dental CT. The aim of this study was to investigate the quality and accuracy of CBCT in the imaging of dental structures and to compare it with the(More)
The goal of this study was to analyze the validity and prediction accuracy of a newly-developed procedure for three-dimensional soft tissue prediction based on Finite Element Method, and to compare the results with prediction produced using an existing two-dimensional prediction program (Dentofacial Planner Plus™). In twelve patients who underwent combined(More)
Since many simulation and animation procedures for mimicry are based on averaged values and do not take into account an individual’s situation, the goal of this study was to investigate the intra- and inter-individual variability of conscious smiling. Twenty-three surface points were marked on the faces of 31 adult test individuals. Six photographs of each(More)
Rapid maxillary expansion not only has local effects on the midpalatal suture and the maxillary region, but also on deep anatomical structures of the viscero- and neurocranium. This study’s aim was to analyze the distribution pattern of stresses on the juvenile and adult sphenoid by the finite element method (FEM) induced by rapid maxillary expansion. Of(More)
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