Dr. med. D. W. Behrenbeck

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Sodium and potassium excretion, GFR (inulin clearance), ECF (inulin space) and TRBF (electromagnetic flowmeter) were determined in trained dogs 3 hrs after feeding either sodium poor (0.5 mEq/kg) or sodium rich (14 mEq/kg) meals. Low and high ECF's were induced by 1–4 months of low and high salt feeding, respectively. The animals could be divided into two(More)
In 13 patients in the age range of 34 to 70 years (mean: 53 +/- 10 years), during diagnostic His-bundle investigations, registrations from the sinus nodal area were analyzed with a signal-averaging computer. In 12 patients we were able to get reproducible per-P-potentials with a sino-atrial conduction interval between 56 and 227 ms. The normal sequence of(More)
S. DAUM, Prag: 1. Die Patienten waren so ausgewKhlt, dab der ,,Lungencapillardruck" oder der Druck im linken Vorhof durch Mitralfehler oder tinksseitige Herzinsuffizienz nieht beeinfluflt wurde. 2. In zwei Drittel der Fiille nimmt der Druek in der Art. femoralis zu. Ein Patient, wo der Ansbieg am grSl3ten war, ist in der Tabelle angeffihrt. Bei 3 Patienten(More)