Dr. Willard A. Burns

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This study compared the stress distribution during insertion and function of three prefabricated endodontic posts with different designs using the criteria of post length and diameter. Test blocks of photoelastic material were prepared with simulated endodontic canals. Three posts for each design, diameter, and depth were cemented. Each specimen was(More)
Three case reports are presented which illustrate clinical conditions which may arise in a patient with a columnar lined esophagus. Inflammation, ulceration, stricture and fistula formation are discussed, with emphasis on their clinical presentations and diagnoses by endoscopy and radiology. Of the 3 patients, 2 developed adenocarcinoma as a complication of(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the retention of prefabricated parallel-sided dowels luted with resin cement in extracted teeth that were obturated with gutta percha using a eugenol sealer or a calcium hydroxide sealer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Extracted maxillary incisor roots (N = 51) were instrumented to simulate conventional root canal therapy and divided(More)
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