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Calcification patterns of the internal elastic membrane of the main pelvic arteries, lower limb arteries, brachial, splenic and renal arteries were demonstrated grossly by a modified von Kossa technique. In the elastic segment in the common and internal iliac arteries, the membrane calcification appeared as groups of roundish or polygonal incrustations.(More)
The serological responses of 195 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and 251 controls were tested against 6/94-parainfluenza virus, which was previously isolated from brain tissue of two patients with MS. The hemagglutination-inhibition titers of ≥1:128 were found more frequently in MS patients (21.5%) than in controls (14.0%). However, the geometric mean(More)
The presence of measles cytotoxic (CT) and hemagglutination inhibiton (HI) antibodies in 195 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and 251 controls was tested. The measles virus Lu carrier cells labeled with 51Cr were exposed to serum specimens in the presence of complement in order to test the presence of CT antibody. The analysis of complement dependent CT(More)
We have described a technique of one stage intraabdominal heterotopic pancreaticduodenal autotransplantation which has resulted in long term survival of dogs in good health. Malnutrition related to pancreatic exocrine hypofunction occurs initially but gradual recovery by 3 months nutrition is normal. In contrast, endocrine function is well preserved(More)
Die gutartigen GesehwUlste des Nasenrachenraumes, welche wir unter dem Namen der adenoiden Vegetationen kennen, wurden gegen Sehluss des Jahres 1867 zum ersten Male in DKnemark gefunden. Sie wurden dutch Digitalexploration gefunden und nieht rein zufltllig, sondern auf dem Wege der logisehen Exclusion: Ein 20 j~thriges Bauernm~dehen, sehwerh~rig, abel"(More)
The effect of glucose and glycerine solutions of different concentrations was examined on a corneal oedema produced experimentally and on normal corneae of rabbits, respectively. The swollen cornea was measured by means of a home-made device similar to that described by Jäger! The following results were obtained: 1. By instillation of glucose as well as(More)
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