Dr. W. Gielsdorf

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The effects of the opioid fentanyl and low doses of alcohol on neuropsychological functions in healthy volunteers were measured. Twenty-four healthy male volunteers participated in this study. Two randomised placebo-controlled cross-over trials were conducted. In group 1, 6 subjects received fentanyl (0.2 microgram/kg body weight) in the order of(More)
Binocular depth inversion represents an illusion of visual perception, serving to invert the perception of implausible hollow objects, e.g. a hollow face into a normal face. Such inversion occurs frequently, especially when objects with a higher degree of familiarity (e.g. photographs of faces) are displayed. Cognitive factors are assumed to override the(More)
After oral application of pentacozine (Fortral) besides the unchanged drug some further excretion products were detected by glc/ms in human urine. For their identification e.i.- and c.i.-mass-spectrometry as well as the just recently available FAB-technique were employed. All analyses were performed on a VG-Micromass 7035; the samples were introduced in the(More)
The FAB (Fast Atom Bombardment)-mass spectrometric ionization technique, which has now been available for about 1 year, has been successfully employed in forensic toxicology. The mass spectral behaviour of some representative drug-glucuronides (Codeine, p-Nitrophenol and 2-Phenyl-1-propanol) were studied by positive- and negative-ion-FAB-MS. The presented(More)
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