Dr.Vishal Verma

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The present paper reviews the methods of photon up- and down conversion strategies for improving the efficiency of solar cells. Photons with a lower energy than the band gap will be lost in a normal solar cell. The principle of the up conversion technique is that two or more photons are converted into a photon with energy higher than the band gap energy.(More)
The present paper deals with reports on an outdoor performance evaluation of multicrystalline modules facing north in Southern Norway. The relevance of this study is mainly for building integrated systems where some of the facades are in a far from optimum position. The impact of shading on the photovoltaic modules' performance is also evaluated. A(More)
The outdoor performance of 10 years modules has been measured in southern Norway conditions. For this study, Poly-Si and a-Si modules are selected and the measurements are carried out using a portable electronic load. The I-V characteristics and maximum power have been recorded for several modules of each technology. It is found that Poly-Si modules perform(More)
Performance of solar panel decreases with increase in the temperature of the panel. Output power of PV module drops by 0.45% per o C rise in temperature if heat is not removed. In Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV) temperature rise is more as heat transfer due to convection is not possible from rear side of the panel. Cooling of the modules(More)
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