Dr . V . Nandagopal

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Intuitional practice (i.p.), the Ananda Marga system of meditation, is a scientific mediative technique in which the subject concentrates on a particular gland and mentally incantates a 2-syllable ‘mantra’ synchronous with his breathing, the glandular site of concentration as well as the mantra are specific for a subject. The physiological responses of(More)
A spectral analysis technique using selective linear prediction (SLP) coding based on an all pole model is applied to determine the spectral distribution of second heart sounds (SII) in 17 normal children. The SLP spectra are compared with the conventional spectra obtained using the fast Fourier transform (FFT) technique. It is observed that the SLP(More)
The diagnostic performance of two pattern classification methods to detect hypertension was evaluated in a population of 29 mildly hypertensive and 20 normal subjects. The heart rate variability (HRV) signal of each subject was recorded during rest and isometric handgrip exercise. Feature vectors composed of up to 6 features from both the time and frequency(More)
The complex nature of neuronal interactions of the human brain has posed many challenges to the research community. To explore the underlying mechanisms of neuronal activity of cohesive brain regions during different cognitive activities, many innovative mathematical and computational models are required. This paper presents a novel Common Functional(More)
In Modern world, Automation robot is used in many of the fields such as defence, surveillance, medical field, industries and so on. In this paper, the robot system is used to develop the process of cultivating agricultural land without the use of man power. The aim of the paper is to reduce the man power, time and increase the productivity rate. All the(More)
Real-time two-dimensional echocardiographic studies of the mitral valve in short-axis view were obtained from 10 normal subjects. Stop-action frames of the video-taped echocardiograms were then photographed to obtain diastolic cross-sectional images of the valve at maximal opening. Tracings from the interior of the leaflet echoes were then digitized to(More)
Understanding and analyzing the dynamic interactions among the millions of spatially distributed and functionally connected regions in the human brain constituting a massively parallel communication system is one of the major challenges in computational neuroscience. Many studies in the recent past have employed graph theory to efficiently model,(More)
CFP11842-CDR, ISBN 978-1-4577-0673-8. Copyright and Reprint Permission: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limit of U.S. copyright law for private use of patrons those articles in this volume that carry a code at the bottom of the first page, provided the per-copy fee indicated in the code is(More)
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