Dr. Thomas F. McGee

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Orientations toward citizens' board functioning in a community mental health setting were studied in an urban setting involving 18 community-based mental health centers. Four groups were interviewed: citizen board members, board chairpersons, center staff, and center directors. Groups generally agreed that the primary function of a board is to make certain(More)
The locus of muncipal mental health services is frequently an urban community, reflecting a wide range of social and ethnic complexities. This locus differs sharply from the historic setting of such services, that is, institutionally based, rurally located state hospitals. To effect this significant shift in locus and emphasis, an evolutionary process with(More)
In an effort to add greater understanding to the concept of crisis intervention, it is proposed that emotional crises be placed on a continuum ranging from normal developmental crises to psychiatric emergencies. If emotional crises are placed on such a continuum, reasons behind crisis intervention are clarified as are the roles of direct treatment and(More)
Community mental health developments in major American cities are reviewed and compared through 1968. An open-ended questionnaire covering nine areas basic to urban community mental health services was forwarded to appropriate authorities in 25 American cities. Data collected from the 15 respondents indicated extreme diversity in terms of type of(More)
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