Dr. Stephen Jones

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BACKGROUND Hypertension is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the general population and has an even more significant impact on the black community in particular. Explaining the interethnic differences has been difficult. Differences in endothelial function may provide some insight into the causes of the increased incidence of hypertension in the(More)
We have developed several series of potent and selective small molecule inhibitors of SSAO (AOC3/VAP-1) that also block trafficking of leukocytes to sites of inflammation. Blocking of SSAO-mediated leukocyte adhesion has recently been shown efficacious in several models of inflammatory diseases. We have examined the potential of SSAO inhibitors in(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to examine the role of the endothelium in maintaining vascular tone in the basal as well as in the contracted state during aging. DESIGN/PARTICIPANTS Responses to brachial artery infusion of acetylcholine in presence and absence of NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) and to angiotensin II were studied in 11 young and 12(More)
OBJECTIVE We report a group of eight patients with a distinctive histological variant of meningioma that is associated with severe peritumoral edema. The clinical presentation, radiographic findings, and histology of this type of tumor may lead to misdiagnosis as an aggressive or malignant process. METHODS We reviewed the histology from patients who had(More)
The effect of antibodies against the insulin receptor (anti-R) found in a patient with the type B syndrome of insulin resistance and acanthosis nigricans was characterized using 3T3-L1 cultured fat cells. Anti-R acutely mimicked the action of insulin by stimulating deoxyglucose uptake. With more prolonged exposure, this insulinomimetic effect decayed,(More)
Transcutaneous entry of fluorescent tracer and subsequent retrograde neuronal transport achieved by the use of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as a vehicle fluorescent dye dissolved in DMSO and applied topically to the hind limb of rats was found in corresponding dorsal root ganglia; aqueous absorption of tracer dye by neuronal tissue was not demonstrated. This(More)
The use of non-neural conduits to bridge gaps in peripheral nerves has been noted in the literature for many years. A logical extension of this concept is the introduction of neurotrophic or growth promoting factors into the lumen. We present here an injectable nerve guide that allows percutaneous access to the microenvironment of the regenerating(More)
Vein grafts have been used both experimentally and clinically to bridge gaps in peripheral nerves. This study describes a modification of the vein graft technique in which vein graft conduits are pulled inside-out before anastomosis with proximal and distal nerve stumps. This technique creates an autogenous vein conduit with the collagen-rich adventitial(More)