Dr. Stanley G. Nathenson

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In an earlier paper, we presented evidence that two independent mutants of the bg series, B6-H-2 bm5 (bm5) and B6-H-2 bm16 (bm16) carry identical mutations such that tyrosine at residue number 116 of the H-2Kb molecule from the parent strain C57BL/6Kh is replaced by a phenylalanine in each of the two mutant molecules. In this paper, we demonstrate, using(More)
Comparative tryptic peptide mapping and partial amino-terminal primary sequence analysis of the light chain component associated with the TL antigens showed that the small subunit of TL was identical to the β 2m light chain associated with the H-2K or D product of the same strain. Peptide comparison of the β 2m from the Tla products of an A strain X-ray(More)
Structural studies of the H-2 gene products from a group of five closely related but independent C57BL/6 H-2 mutant mice were undertaken. Each of the mutants exhibits reciprocal graft rejection with the parent. The group is remarkable, however, because each member of this group can accept skin grafts from any other member. The results of biochemical(More)
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