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The estimated economic loss due to an epidemic of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis in 1981 in a rural community of Goa studied by house-to-house survey of 7230 families is reported. Thirty-five per cent of families were affected and in 62% of these families more than three persons developed conjunctivitis. The affected were forced to be absent from work(More)
The incidence of obesity among childhood in India is largely increasing. The serum apolipoproteins and its correlation with anthropometric and biochemical parameters were evaluated in 296 school children and adolescents (96 obese, 97 overweight, were compared with 103 normal controls, aged between 10-17 years). Anthropometric variables, lipid profile,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To assess the amount of poliomyelitis and its epidemiological features including risk factors. DESIGN This was a retrospective study of cases of paralytic poliomyelitis among children 0-6 years of age. SETTING Pondicherry, India, 1983-89. SUBJECTS A total of 47,960 children aged less than 6 years. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS In(More)
— Security is an essential service for wired and wireless network communications. The success of mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) strongly depends on people's confidence in its security. However, the characteristics of MANET pose both challenges and opportunities in achieving security goals, such as confidentiality, authentication, integrity, availability,(More)
A parallel and pipelined Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processor for use in the Orthogonal Frequency division Multiplexer (OFDM) and WLAN, unlike being stored in the traditional ROM. The twiddle factors in our pipelined FFT processor can be accessed directly. A novel simple address mapping scheme and the modified radix 4 FFT also proposed. FPGA was majorly(More)
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