Dr. Shaun P. Collin

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Cobaltous-lysine is transported anterogradely from the optic nerve of the teleost, Lethrinus chrysostomus (Lethrinidae, Perciformes). The marginal optic tract is labelled in longtitudinal bands of light and dark staining fibres which persists caudally within the ventral division but not in the dorsal division. This species possesses multiple central targets(More)
Deoxycholate is often absent in bile of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis. The purpose of this study was to define the mechanism for this abnormality in bile acid metabolism in alcoholic cirrhosis. Excretion and hepatic metabolism of exogenous [14C]deoxycholate were determined, quantitative and qualitative analyses of fecal bile acids were performed, and(More)
We report the use of SP-1200 (Supelco Inc.) for quantitative gas-chromatographic determination of shortchain fatty acids (C2-C5) in stool water. The ratio of peak areas for these acids to that for 2-methylvaleric acid (internal standard) is linear for each acid from 60 to 1800 mg/liter. Lactic acid, occasionally present in stool in abnormally high amounts,(More)
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