Dr Sanchen Henning

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Merrifield resins with various amino acid containing pendants and a water swellable polyamide resin with the peptide alanine-alanine-alanine-arginine as the pendant group have been prepared by solid phase peptide synthesis. Merrifield resins with either arginine or lysine pendants are capable of sorbing bilirubin from aqueous solution (pH = 7.8) but those(More)
Short peptides, three to eight amino acids in length, containing various combinations of alanine, arginine, lysine, histidine and tyrosine have been synthesized onto water-swellable polyamide resin by the solid phase peptide synthesis method. The amount of bilirubin adsorbed from aqueous buffer solution (pH = 7.8) by the resins increases with increasing(More)
The adsorption of bilirubin from aqueous phosphate buffer solutions (pH = 7.8) containing bovine serum albumin (BSA) by polyacrylamide resins, with pendants consisting of the oligopeptides (Arg)5(Ala)3-, (Arg)2(Ala)3-, (Lys)5(Ala)3-, His(Arg)2(Ala)3-, has been studied at 0 degrees C under N2. The ability of the oligopeptide-resins to retain adsorbed(More)
Shifts in the visible spectrum of aqueous bilirubin (BR) resulting from the addition of soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) suggest specific interactions. Hence, isotherms were determined for the adsorption of BR from aqueous solution onto solid, cross-linked PVP and onto cholestyramine (CA) (used as a reference adsorbent) at 0, 10, 20 and 25 degrees C.(More)
Site binding constants, calculated for the adsorption of bilirubin onto various lysine, arginine, or histidine containing oligopeptide-resins assuming either a one or two site binding model, are of the order of 10(4) M-1. Using these data it can be shown that there are positive cooperative effects for lysine-containing pendants, while arginine-containing(More)
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