Dr. S. Chodkowska

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Pancreases from 5 sexually mature sows were used in this investigation. In order to detect cholinergic fibers in the pancreas, the method of Karnovsky and Roots (1964) was applied. It was shown that cholinergic nerve fibers occur in the whole organ as perivascular plexuses, interlobular nerves, perilobular and periinsular plexuses. The existence of(More)
This paper gives a description of the morphological features of the adrenergic nerves in the pig ovary, and discusses noradrenaline content in these nerves in different periods of the oestrous cycle. Studies were carried out on 19 sexually mature virgin pigs, each weighing about 120 kg. The animals were divided into 3 groups: 1st to 2nd day of the oestrous(More)
F/tile yon Wa, benhmge kommen nu t selten vor. Man hat sic bei Embryonen , Neugeboreuen, Kindern , Erwachsenen und auch bei Tieren beobaehtet. J)ie HOhlen kOnnen eh~zeln oder vielfa('h auftreten, grof~ oder klein sein: die 8cheidewand wird manehmal yon Bindege~vebe. manchnla l au(;h yon kollabiertem oder emphysematSsem Lungenparenehym gebildet. Die H6hlen(More)
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