Dr. S. Athanasiadis

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A prospective clinical, manometric and radiological study has been performed, before and after rectopexy, on 18 female patients with complete rectal prolapse, and varying degrees of incontinence. All patients, mean age 62 years, underwent anterior-posterior fixation (Ivalon or Vicryl) of the rectum with posterior pelvic repair of the puborectalis muscle. 13(More)
The aim of this study was to get further information about functional results in patients with outlet obstruction. We investigated 27 patients (age between 42 and 74 years) by electromyography (EMG), manometry and radiology with contrast-solution. The electromyography, a dynamic investigation method, allows the differentiation between neuronal and muscular(More)
In a prospective electromyographic and manometric study on 23 women (average age 52 years) with obstructive defecation disorder the activity of the external anal sphincter muscle and the puborectal muscle was investigated at rest and during contraction and straining. The control group consisted of 22 healthy women with an average age of 53 years. The main(More)
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