Dr. Robert G. Lloyd

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A range of liquids suitable as quality control test objects for measuring the accuracy of clinical MRI diffusion sequences (both apparent diffusion coefficient and tensor) has been identified and characterized. The self-diffusion coefficients for 15 liquids (3 cyclic alkanes: cyclohexane to cyclooctane, 9 n-alkanes: n-octane to n-hexadecane, and 3(More)
sbcA, a gene defined by mutations which restore recombination proficiency to RecB and RecC mutants, has been located at minute 29 of the E. coli genetic map. Two independent sbcA mutations have been mapped in this location. In an Hfr recB - sbcA - rac? x F- recB - sbcA + rac +cross, recombinant progeny inheriting the donor his + or trp + allele also(More)
A two-stage process for the bioremediation of blue Stilton whey has been developed. It employs both naturally occurring thermotolerant organisms found in whey (lactic acid bacteria and yeast) and a thermophilic isolate (Bacillus sp.). Thermophilic digestion occurred only at neutral pH. Multiple substrates were consumed simultaneously under mesophilic but(More)
The lack of published arm-reach data on Air Force flight personnel in actual cockpit situations presents manifest difficulties to the cockpit layout specialist. This paper discusses the results of a study to determine the arvm-reach capabilities of aircrewmen wearing heavy winter flight clothing, survival equipment, and restraint harnesses. The study was(More)
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