Dr. Richard V. Lee

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SPRING AND SUMMER, t imes of greenery, gardening, and graduation, are t imes for some grousing as well. As the academic year advances , housestaff and medical s tudents are offended by the results of the annua l faculty promotion process, which, as they see it, culls out good clinical teachers. Rewarding less visible, less popular teachers because of publ(More)
Books a r e not absolu te ly d e a d things, but doe con ta in a potencie of life in them to b e a s act ive a s that soule w a s w h o s e p r o g e n y they are; n a y they do p r e se rve a s in a violl the pures t efficacie a n d extract ion of that living intellect that b red them . . . a good book is the pret ious lifeblood of a mas t e r spirit,(More)
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