Dr. R. Palmer

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We have discovered a superfamily of enzymes related by their ability to catalyze the abstraction of the alpha-proton of a carboxylic acid to form an enolic intermediate. Although each reaction catalyzed by these enzymes is initiated by this common step, their overall reactions (including racemization, beta-elimination of water, beta-elimination of ammonia,(More)
A protein identified as "N-acylamino acid racemase" from Amycolaptosis sp. is an inefficient enzyme (kcat/Km = 3.7 x 10(2) M-1 s-1). Its sequence is 43% identical to that of an unidentified protein encoded by the Bacillus subtilis genome. Both proteins efficiently catalyze the o-succinylbenzoate synthase reaction in menaquinone biosynthesis (kcat/Km = 2.5 x(More)
The genes encoding the enzymes in the (D)-glucarate/galactarate catabolic pathway have been identified in the Escherichia coli genome. These encode, in three transcriptional units, (D)-glucarate dehydratase (GlucD), galactarate dehydratase, 5-keto-4-deoxy-(D)-glucarate aldolase, tartronate semialdehyde reductase, a glycerate kinase that generates(More)
The structure of (D)-glucarate dehydratase from Pseudomonas putida (GlucD) has been solved at 2.3 A resolution by multiple isomorphous replacement and refined to a final R-factor of 19.0%. The protein crystallizes in the space group I222 with one subunit in the asymmetric unit. The unit cell dimensions are a = 69.6 A, b = 108.8 A, and c = 122.6 A. The(More)
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Glucarate dehydratase (GlucD) from Pseudomonas putida catalyzes the dehydration of both (D)-glucarate and (L)-idarate to 3-deoxy-(L)-threo-2-hexulosarate as well as their epimerization. (D)-[6-13C]Glucarate and (L)-[6-13C]idarate have been synthesized for use in continuous assay of the reactions catalyzed by GlucD by both 13C and 1H NMR spectroscopies,(More)
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