Dr. R. Adam

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Since C-peptide/immunoreactive insulin (IRI) molar ratios may reflect hepatic extraction of insulin, we measured simultaneous serum glucose, IRI, and C-peptide levels during fasting and 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 min after 75 g of oral glucose in 10 hyperthyroid patients and 10 age- and weight-matched controls. Mean fasting serum glucose and IRI levels were(More)
Patients with type II diabetes mellitus (type II DM patients) are characteristically obese, hyperinsulinemic, and non-ketosis prone. Recently, we have encountered several obese type II DM patients with either diabetic ketoacidosis or significant ketonuria after insulin withdrawal. There was no evidence of infection, stress, or starvation to explain their(More)
Die akute purulente Meningitis geht immer noch mit einer hohen Letalität und einer hohen Rate an dauerhaften neurologischen Folgeschäden einher. Ihre klinische Präsentation und ihr Verlauf sind vom Alter des Patienten, dessen Immunstatus und dem verursachenden Pathogen geprägt. Im Neugeborenenalter überwiegen Gruppe-B-Streptokokken und E. coli, später(More)
Gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) is a gastrointestinal hormone stimulated after oral nutrient ingestion, but not after intravenous nutrient administration. GIP stimulates insulin release in the presence of hyperglycemia and as such is considered a major enteroinsular hormone. Since elevated glucose and insulin levels are found in hyperthyroidism, we(More)
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