Dr . P . Sujatha

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Mining is the art of finding unknown patterns from voluminous data. Medical data mining becomes major concern now a day. The objective of the proposed work is the association of data and prediction of treatment to cure diseases using flowers. The data source used here is the collection of flowers, which have separate medicinal values. Based upon the(More)
We are given a large database of customer transactions, where each transaction consists of transaction-id, the items bought in the transaction and the transaction time. The whole set of transaction is divided into a number of segments called durations (intervals) based on transaction time. And the dividing standard can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. We(More)
In this modern era, storing and transmitting information is by far done as a digital object. But the greatest disadvantage in digital data transmission is the fact that innumerable copies of the digital file can be made and is susceptible to be misused. This leads to the worldwide problem of copyright protection, copy protection and content authentication.(More)
Maximum utilization of the available transmission lines is advisable than introducing a new transmission line to the existing power system because of various reasons such as regulatory, environmental, and public policies, as well as escalating costs. This can be achieved by using FACTS controllers which are one of the power electronics based static(More)
---------------------------------------------------------------------***--------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract – The description and analysis of PMSM is done based on its applications in Mechatronics. In industrial and robotic applications PMSM is used because of its characteristics like, high torque to volume ratio,(More)
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