Dr Matthias Behrend

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Polymers may serve as a biodegradable material in tissue engineering. To assess the biocompatibility of poly-beta-hydroxy butyric acid (PHB), we studied the structural organization of cellular molecules involved in adhesion using osteoblastic and epithelial cell lines. On PHB, both cell lines revealed a rounded cell shape due to reduced spreading. The(More)
Long-term implants made from thermoplastic elastomers have a long history of clinical use. Among other rubber materials, such as polyolefin rubber, much of the demand for rubber-like biomaterials is met by silicone and polyurethane elastomers. The last two elastomers both have sufficient biocompatibility for long-term applications, but differ in terms of(More)
AIMS Recently, a new rebound tonometer has been introduced into the market, which might be useful for glaucoma screenings in developing countries. Disposable probes, that are potentially reusable, are recommended by the manufacturer. Our study aimed to address the question of microbial transmission risks if the probes are reused. METHODS IOP measurements(More)
CONCLUSION Our anatomical findings place special emphasis on the requirement to follow an infero-anterior approach to the round window, to expose the scala tympani safely for 'normal' cochlear implantation. It is also known how easily the basilar membrane may be accidentally damaged, despite exercising considerable caution in the approach used. With regard(More)
The routine diagnosis of osteoporosis is based on radiological measurements of bone mineral content. An osteoporotic failure is influenced both by a loss of mineralized bone and internal bone structure. The structure cannot be estimated by bone reconstruction based on standard radiological equipment. To investigate the influence of structure on cancellous(More)
OBJECTIVE We report an ex vivo and in vivo experimental study of a device designed to measure tympanic membrane movement under normal and pathological conditions, assessed using optical coherence tomography. MATERIALS AND METHODS We designed two types of flexible, round film patch with integrated strain gauge, to be attached to the tympanic membrane in(More)
The flowing periods of blood through biomaterial shunts were measured by means of a noninvasive sensor with sufficient reliability. Falsifications of the measuring results by foreign influences as roller pumps, punctures, changes of the cross section, or the coupling of different materials were avoided extensively. The accomplishment of the test is possible(More)
BACKGROUND Titan plates have proven a success in the operative assistance of middle face fractures for stabile osteosynthesis. Also bioresorbant materials are being used increasingly. METHOD Films and plates made from poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid (PHB) with two holes and bolts are tested subperiostally on the osseus skull of 15 rabbits or respectively on(More)