Dr Matthew Burke

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One of the new factors in Eastern European countries (and there is an acknowledgement that this aspect is inherent in other countries too) is this concept of freely sharing information i.e. the concept of what is known in KM literature of “Knowledge Sharing”. Sharing only takes place where there is trust and where there is a shared feeling of ownership of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate patients' experience after flexible cystoscopy (FC), particularly concentrating on the prevalence and degree of symptoms, the frequency of visits to their General Practitioner (GP), subsequent antibiotic rates and the actual incidence of urinary tract infection (UTI). PATIENTS AND METHODS Consecutive patients (420) presenting for FC(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate a method of diuresis renography where the radiopharmaceutical and frusemide (diuretic) are given simultaneously, in contrast to conventional renography which involves an intravenous injection with frusemide 20 min after administering the radiopharmaceutical (F + 20) or 15 min before (F - 15), with particular interest in the effect(More)
Perth and Brisbane are both subject to new state government office decentralisation policies. Unlike residential Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), which is proving difficult to achieve in practice, moving workplaces out of Australia’s highly centralised city centres is proving easier for governments to enact. Urban restructuring via employment(More)
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