Dr. M. De Silva

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Specific genotypes appear to be related to the development of thyroid disease. We examined whether polymorphisms of the genes CYP1A1, GSTM1, GSTT1, and TP53 at codon 72 are associated with increased risk for thyroid nodules. Blood samples were obtained from 122 thyroid patients with nodules and from 134 healthy control individuals from Goiânia city, GO,(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of polymerase chain reaction analysis (PCR) of fetal cells/DNA in the maternal plasma of pregnant cows to determine the sex of the fetus. Plasma was harvested from 35 cows of mixed genotype at different stages of pregnancy ranging from 5 to 35 weeks. A male calf and a heifer calf provided the control(More)
We evaluated the effects of the Shahid-Rajaei dam, 14 years after its construction, on morphometric and genetic divergence between up- and downstream populations of the Iranian fish Siah-Mahi (Capoeta capoeta gracilis). Sixty-six specimens were analyzed. There were significant differences between the 2 groups in the means of 16 morphometric characters(More)
The androgen receptor is encoded by a single-copy gene located in the long arm of the X chromosome (Xq11-12); it consists of eight exons and encodes an intracellular transcription factor that belongs to the steroid/nuclear receptor superfamily. Disturbances in the function of the androgen receptor can lead to several forms of male pseudohermaphroditism,(More)
The aim of the study was to use the comet assay (single-cell gel electrophoresis) and micronucleus test to assess the extent of genomic damage in the whole blood of Dendropsophus minutus from agroecosystems with great use of agrochemicals and to compare the results to those obtained from animals living in unpolluted areas. Our results indicated that(More)
We describe the first postnatal diagnosis of a child from Central Brazil with de novo cytogenetic alterations in 13q showing malformations of the brain, eyes, distal limbs, and genitourinary tract, and severe intellectual disability. The karyotype was a constitutive 46,XX,r(13)[77]/45,XX,-13[17]/46,XX,idic r(13)[6]. Interphase and metaphase fluorescence in(More)
Plasma prednisolone levels were measured in parallel with clinical and laboratory assessments in seven patients with rheumatoid arthritis on single daily doses of prednisolone which were reduced at weekly intervals from 10 mg. to 7, 6 and 5 mg. A significant negative rank correlation was observed between prednisolone dose and the duration of morning(More)
Due to the miscegenation of the Brazilian population, the central region of Brazil was colonized by internal migration of individuals from different origins, who contributed to the genetic diversity existing in this population. The purpose of this study was to estimate population parameters based on the allele frequencies for 15 polymorphic autosomal(More)
The central region of Brazil was colonized by internal migration of individuals of different origins, who contributed to the genetic diversity existing in this population. This study determined the allele frequencies and haplotype diversity of Y-STRs in Goiás State, Central Brazil, and compared the data obtained with a sample of the Brazilian population,(More)
In September 1987, in Goiânia, Brazil, one of the most serious radiological accidents occurred at a radiation therapy unit involving a source of cesium-137. The current study examined the occurrence of possible germline mutations at the AZF region of the exposed men and in their male offspring. Genomic DNA samples of 16 individuals were analyzed for(More)