Dr. Lucille A. Lester

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Normal M-mode echocardiography values were determined using computer-assisted measurements of echocardiograms (echo) in 202 children and young adults 25 days to 23 years of age: 77 were female, and 125 were male and, reflecting the population served by our Center, 99 were black and 103 were white children. The values for left and right heart wall(More)
Thirteen children, age 1.9 to 14.8 years with documented sickle cell disease, underwent echocardiographic assessment of cardiac status while on and off periodic hypertransfusion therapy (HTX). Two to three units of washed packed red blood cells were transfused every 2–4 weeks in children with splenic sequestration crises, cerebrovascular accidents (CVA),(More)
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