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Non-NMDA receptor antagonists CNQX, DNQX, and NBQX (10-40 mg/kg IP) were tested against pentylenetetrazol-induced (100 mg/kg SC) seizures in 7 to 90-day-old rats. All three drugs significantly decreased the incidence of tonic hindlimb component of tonic-clonic pentylenetetrazol seizures, often in favor of increased incidence of forelimb tonus throughout(More)
The first acceleration of protein degradation in cells ofBacillus megaterium was found at the stage 0–I of sporulation, the second one at the stage II–III, where the sporulation process became irreversible. These accelerations were reduced by actinomycin D inhibiting RNA and protein syntheses by more than 95%. In the presence of the antibiotic, only 8% of(More)
OBJECTIVE To make the stress influence of the hospitalisation on patients objective, to determine the factors in the process of therapy, which negatively influence a patient, and to find the consequences between the intensity of anxiety and the occurrence of the post-operational complications followed by the lengths of hospitalisation. DESIGN Prospective(More)
The HELLP syndrome is a serious complication of pregnancy, found most frequently in conjunction with severe preeclampsia. The incidence of this disease in preeclampsia is between 2 and 12%. The diagnosis is based on typical laboratory findings, i.e. haemolysis--H, elevated liver enzymes--EL and a low-platelet count--LP. Haemolysis is defined as microscopic(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the influence of myelodysplastic syndromee (MDS) on the course of pregnancy and delivery. DESIGN Case report. SETTING Gynecological and Obstetric Department 1st Medical Faculty Charles University and General Faculty Hospital, Prague. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The authors analyze their experience with the course of pregnancy and(More)
OBJECTIVE OF STUDY Comparison of psychological characteristics of untreated female patients with urgent and stress urinary incontinence. DESIGN First stage of a perspective comparative study. SETTING Gynaecological and Obstetric Department of the Municipal Hospital Neratovice, Urogynaecological out-patient dept. of the Institute for Mother and Child in(More)
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