Dr. L. N. Benson

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This study seeks to identify factors that contribute to students’ motivation to pursue engineering, and to correlate these motivational attributes to problem-solving and knowledge transfer. Understanding these relationships will address one of the greatest challenges facing engineering educators: preparing students for a future of complex problem solving in(More)
BACKGROUND High calorie intakes, especially as carbohydrate, increase carbon dioxide production (VCO2) and may precipitate respiratory failure in patients with severe pulmonary disease. Energy obtained from fat results in less carbon dioxide and thus may permit a reduced level of alveolar ventilation for any given arterial blood carbon dioxide tension(More)
The pKa's, partition coefficients and drug distribution coefficients (apparent partition coefficients) have been investigated for a number of narcotics and where possible for their congener narcotic antagonist. These studies were carried out by a novel microelectrometric titration technique as a function of temperature and pH. This method enables one to(More)
A 10-month-old male child underwent balloon angioplasty for a recurrent coarctation of the aorta. Postprocedural hemorrhagic cerebral infarction led to the child's death. At necropsy, hypoplasia of the left posterior communicating artery of the circle of Willis was found. The implications of such variations in cerebral blood flow circulation on the(More)
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