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In 1957 whitefish were successfully introduced into Wahnbach reservoir, a drinking water storage near Bonn (FRG). Since excessive predation on the herbivorous zooplankton by fish could have negative effects on water quality, the size of the pelagic fish stock had to be known. For this purpose, and for establishing management guidelines for the whitefish(More)
Because the role of intestinal immunity remains uncertain in hepatitis A, samples of feces and saliva from infected primates and humans were tested for virus neutralizing activity. Only two of eight owl monkeys infected by the intragastric route developed neutralizing antibody detectable in extracts of feces collected up to 88 days after viral challenge,(More)
Several types of cultured cells release glycolytic enzymes into their suspending medium. This effect is most obvious with tumor cells, especially with their ascites forms. Erythrocytes do not release glycolytic enzymes. The total extracellular phosphoglucose isomerase activity consists of two components. One part is dissolved in the medium, the other one is(More)
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