Dr. Jutta Hartmann

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The objective of this study was to analyze the reliability of a landmark-independent method for determining the facial symmetry plane and degree of asymmetry based on three-dimensional data from the facial surface from two sets of recordings, one performed consecutively and one performed on different days. We used an optical 3D-sensor to obtain the facial(More)
The case history of whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) of Lake Constance is re-interpreted. From a comparison of time series it is concluded that-contrary to the former view-major changes in the biology of whitefish of Lake Constance are interpretable in terms other than eutrophication. Whitefish appears to be a poor indicator of changes in the trophic state(More)
This paper presents results of Missouri's first statewide evaluation of alcohol and drug treatment programs. The study utilized a 1-year follow-up sample of 242 respondents to explore the nature and patterns of post-treatment functioning. This paper focuses on the impact of client marital stability on post-treatment substance use. The data supported the(More)
Nach Schaffung der gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen entstehen neue Möglichkeiten einer Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Kliniken und den ambulanten Kollegen. In einer Umfrage unter niedergelassenen Gastroenterologen Deutschlands sollen der gegenwärtige Stand der Zusammenarbeit zwischen ambulant tätigen Gastroenterologen und den chirurgischen Abteilungen der(More)
A comparison of the effectiveness of inpatient and outpatient services for alcohol and drug clients is presented. Controls for program completion and severity of substance use on entry to treatment are included. While inpatients do only as well as outpatients overall, inpatient services show significant advantage for particular classes of clients. Results,(More)
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