Dr. Justus Schneider

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BACKGROUND Notching of the anterior femoral cortex during total knee arthroplasty has been implicated as a cause of subsequent periprosthetic supracondylar femoral fracture. However, other than observational clinical data, no reliable association between these events has been established, to our knowledge. The purpose of the present study was to investigate(More)
Saos-2 cultured human osteosarcoma cells contain an extractable bone inducing agent that can induce heterotopic bone in the muscle of Nu/Nu mice. A semipurified GuHCl extract of Saos-2 cells also can promote healing and complete bony union in otherwise non-healing surgically induced defects of rat femur. Northern blot analyses indicate expression of mRNAs(More)
Objective:Obesity promotes the development and progression of coronary heart disease (CHD), in part, through its association with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, clotting abnormalities and insulin resistance. We assessed whether these relationships persist in patients with established CHD treated with evidence-based preventive pharmacologic therapies.Design(More)
We investigated mass action of isolated rat heart mitochondria with the calcium antagonist bepridil. At pH 7.20 bepridil in basic form b associates rapidly with the mitochondrial membrane but the amount fixed is higher in non-energized mitochondria than in mitochondria energized by succinate or ATP Mg2+. This effect is related to the dissociation state of(More)
Im Leistungssport hat sich eine primäre Versorgung der vorderen Kreuzband- (VKB-)Ruptur und ihrer Begleitverletzungen durchgesetzt. Es erfolgte eine selektive Literaturrecherche zum Vergleich mit eigenen Erfahrungen. Die operative Versorgung sollte nach spätestens 48 h erfolgen. Der wesentliche Vorteil für den Athleten ist der Zeitgewinn und die damit(More)
Freeze-dried Saos-2, human osteosarcoma cells, and extracts of Saos-2 cells contain all components necessary to induce ectopic new bone and marrow when implanted into athymic Nu/Nu nuce. On the other hand, human osteosarcoma cells of the U-2 OS strain failed to induce bone formation under the same experimental conditions. Our aim was to compare the relative(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS External fixators have been advocated for the treatment of intra-articular fractures of the distal tibia, so-called "pilon" or "plafond" fractures. Current recommendations include placement of external fixator pins, which vary in diameters up to six millimeters, in the talus and calcaneus. Removal of a relatively large pin may create a(More)
The presence of the ossific nucleus and its role in reducing the risk of ischemic necrosis in developmental dysplasia of the hip remains a matter of controversy. Ischemic necrosis of the pre-osseous capital femoral epiphysis, defined as chondronecrosis, was evaluated in a rabbit model. Histologic evidence of chondronecrosis after casting in maximum(More)
An animal model for the study of heterotopic ossification was developed and the effects of perioperative radiation were analyzed. In Phase I, New Zealand White rabbits (n = 18) underwent surgery either with or without muscle injury on each hip to establish the most reliable model in which to study heterotopic ossification. In Phase II, rabbits (n = 36)(More)