Dr. Joseph M. Boden

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This study investigated the relationship between self-esteem in adolescence and later violent offending and hostility via self- and other-report, examining data from a birth cohort of over 1,000 New Zealand young adults studied to age 25. Lower levels of self-esteem at age 15 were related to greater risks of violent offending and higher levels of hostility(More)
We evaluated three commercially available immunoradiometric assays for serum ferritin, with particular emphasis on the statistical validity of the results. The data show that it was unusual (a) for dose/response relationships of the standards to be linear over the whole concentration range suggested by the manufacturers and (b) for dose/response(More)
The results in this report show that the oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve (ODC) of blood when stored at 4 degrees C under special storage conditions was stable for at least 7 days. The stability of the ODC was reflected in both the haemoglobin p50 (the partial pressure of oxygen at 50% saturation of the haemoglobin) and n (the Hill slope of the ODC) values(More)
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